I am happy to announce that the adventure world has been released! Now the whole thing is still under development but there are still many new things.

Features different from other worlds:

- Custom Mobs

- New textured and larger biomes

- PvP is disabled

- Same economy

- Dungeons and treasures

- More crates!

You can still claim your lands and set homes too! Remember, it is still under development so if you see anything funny then you should report a bug. 

More information:

Sorry for the delay about the donation ranks! They are almost done! We are also going to have crates come out very soon and an adventure maps for adventures with builders and quests! Have a great weekend!

We now have a new programm where there are builders for the server! Yes, I have talked about it in other posts, but in this post I am going to really explain it. You may apply for builder under the "Application Forms" section in the menu above. The leaders of the build team (Amillitrics and DocWat) will review your application and decide if you should enter. They will have a look at your builds from what coordinates, and then decide if to accept or deny your application.

Please note the server is open and recruiting staff and builders, so please, if you feel like you would be good for the job, go ahead and apply!

Hello friends! I know it has been a while since a long post, but here are some big updates going on in the server! We have added many things over the past few months, that have been released. The following things are some of the new features:

  • Added advanced achievments.
  • Party chats added.
  • New staff.
  • New application forms.
  • Battle arena released.

Advanced Achievments: Advanced achievments is a feature where you can level up and work towards higher progress as a goal to work towards on the server! See a list of achievments with /aach list!

Party chats: You can create a party and invite all your friends into the party so you can chat in a party and not have everyone on the server hear your chat! Beware, if nessesary, staff can see party chat! WARNING: If an internal error occurs when attempting to perform party command, just keep doing the command over and over and it will work!

New staff: I would like to welcome slayburner to the staff team! He is a helper and can help you work out problems and can deal with chat offenders! Also, DocWat, and Amillitrics have been moved from the staff team to official builders team!

New application forms: You may now apply for the builder rank under application forms in the main menu bar up at the top!

Battle arena: The official server battle colleseum has been released! Here you can do official battles with other players!! You can find it at /warp PvP!

Enjoy the new features everyone! Stay tuned!!

To log in, go to either direct connect or add server and type:

Parkour1 Released!

akms_47 posted Nov 24, 16

Good news! The first parkour in /warp parkour1 has been released! It is in the desert biome and you are traveling up a mountain! If you fall off, you will fall in water so no fears! At the top you will get a book and quill and drop your signiture into the hopper and win a reward soon later! See you on the server!

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