General Overview:

Hello everyone. I apologize for the last closure for so long. As you know, we now have a better host, which will prevent the likeliness of the server crashing or lagging. The staff team and I have been talking, and we have decided that plain survival isn't going to appeal as many people to the server. We want something bigger which is going to make us bigger. Therefore we will be working on adding the following:

- NEW SERVER NAME!! (we want something shorter and catchier)

- Factions

- KitPvP

- Plots

- More fun Parkour

- Possibly minigames

- Updates on the Survival and the Survival Exploration world

- Working crates

- Fun events!

- Etc.

When will the server be back up?

I know lots of you out there have enjoyed playing on the server. Some of you have been here from the beggining and have played on it a lot, and some of you joined around the beggining of the server 2.0 and have played on it. We are working on releasing the server 3.0, which we plan to make it a success. Chances are it wont be back up for a few weeks to even a month, however we will constantly keep everyone here updated! 

Other Information:

We have recruited a manager for the server. The manager is someone who will assist in creating the 3rd version of the server and someone who will advertise and run/manage the server and its staff. 

Other Comments:

I would personally like to thank ALL of the server's players, whether they were active or now. Every single player out there helps the server, and I really appreciate all of your help in keeping it alive. Thanks again!

Hey everyone! You may have noticed that the server has been down for a while. This is due to the server converting to a new and stronger server host.

What does this mean for you?

This means that you will experience MUCH LESS lag, features can be easier added for your benifit, and the server will most likley ALWAYS be open! Additionally, we will be able to remove glitches and bugs easier to make the server more enjoyable for you!

When will the server be back up?

The server may be up from time to time in the next few days but we will give an update for when we officially convert to the new server host!

Additionally, you all may see some updates as the weeks go by. We plan on adding a blackmarket on the server where you can buy unique items. We also may add guns on the server. We will be making Vote Crates officially available, start to release MINIGAMES, and add a server ROLEPLAY touch to  the server as well (cops, banks, jobs, etc)! Enjoy!

We will be back in no time! Enjoy your day!

[Owner] Haguenator_5 a Don't worry, it won't be back up for about another 24-48 hours.
perpika_55 Having trouble joining right now

Welcome to the MaxSurvivalCraft Remastered! This means that we are much different than we used to be! We have new features, fixes, and staff along with some great new builds to build up the fun! We are scheduled to open 9/28/2017 (TOMARROW!) if everything proceeds to plan. If so, this post will be edited and we will put the status (online or in progress) at the bottom of the page!

The ip is:

In-game Features:

- Survival World

- Adventure World

- Plot World (New!)

- New parkour with checkpoints (New!)

- Capital town build (New!)

- Updated spawn (New!)

- New and easier organized economy (New!)

- Server shop 

- Hub world 

Some in-game Plugins:

- Griefprevention

- Essentials

- MyPet

- Silkspawners

- AuctionHouse

And much more!

Website Features:

- Application Forms for staff, builder, or youtuber (Now Hiring!)

- Online Shop!

With even more!

Current Staff:

- Haguenator_5 (Owner)

- CarlovDjooty (Co-Owner)

- AttendMeMortal (Admin)

- Thankedalloy67 (Helper)

- Fyresis (Helper)

- Dislexic_Batnam (Helper)

We are now hiring for staff!

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy the server! If you have any suggestions at all or any problems, let us know in-game, on the forums, or on the Contact note under the Support tab above!


I am happy to announce that the adventure world has been released! Now the whole thing is still under development but there are still many new things.

Features different from other worlds:

- Custom Mobs

- New textured and larger biomes

- PvP is disabled

- Same economy

- Dungeons and treasures

- More crates!

You can still claim your lands and set homes too! Remember, it is still under development so if you see anything funny then you should report a bug. 

More information:

Sorry for the delay about the donation ranks! They are almost done! We are also going to have crates come out very soon and an adventure maps for adventures with builders and quests! Have a great weekend!

We now have a new programm where there are builders for the server! Yes, I have talked about it in other posts, but in this post I am going to really explain it. You may apply for builder under the "Application Forms" section in the menu above. The leaders of the build team (Amillitrics and DocWat) will review your application and decide if you should enter. They will have a look at your builds from what coordinates, and then decide if to accept or deny your application.

Please note the server is open and recruiting staff and builders, so please, if you feel like you would be good for the job, go ahead and apply!

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